The Best Thing My Kids Ever Taught Me About Money

I consider myself quite a lucky man to be married with two beautiful daughters. While I have had the privilege of watching them grow and learn, I have also been amazed at what they have taught me.

Kids are funny. They say funny and do funny things. But they can also be wise beyond their years. They can show compassion, care, and common decency to others that is beginning to shrink from our everyday world.

Looking through the eyes of my kids, I have learned a few new things about money.

  • It’s good to share
    • One of the most amazing things my children have shown is their desire to help others. Through various community involvement, they have learned how to serve their community, with various types of currency: time, talent and treasure.
  • Just because someone has it doesn’t mean I need it too
    • We’ve all heard about trying to keep up with Joneses. Kids are even more exposed to this at school: the latest toy, gadget and gizmo that everyone just has to have. But over the years we’ve learned that just because so-and-so has it doesn’t mean we need it too. Some fads come and go so quickly we were glad in the long run we didn’t race around spending our money on the latest gizmo. When’s the last time you used your fidget spinner?
  • Sometimes, it’s good to wait
    • Delaying gratification for a purchase is a great life lesson to learn. You really want that new toy or game? Save slowly, watch your money grow, then go and purchase it.

Consider taking these principles and applying them to our adult world of money management.

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Signing off with The Wright Words, and wishing you the best,


Paul Gassel

Author: wwminvestment

Paul Gassel, C.F.S.® Managing Partner Paul Gassel is the Managing Partner of WWM Investments, LLC in Chicago, a firm with $350 million in assets under advisement. In this role, Paul works directly with individuals and business owners to implement wealth management solutions, investment, retirement and risk management strategies designed to provide long-term financial strength and security. Paul founded WWM Investments, LLC in 2010, having served as a Financial Advisor in Chicago since 1995. Prior to establishing WWM, Paul was the Assistant General Agent and Investment Specialist at Pearre and Associates, Ltd., a General Agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). During his tenure at Pearre, Paul was recognized as the Top Equity Advisor for 13 consecutive years. Each year since 2012, Paul earned the distinction of being names a “5 Star Wealth Manager” by Chicago magazine, a designation awarded to the top 3% of wealth advisors in Chicagoland. In addition, Paul has been recognized in Forbes Magazine’s Wealth Managers Black Book since 2016. Since 2002, Paul has been a Court of the Table Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, an organization recognizing top producers and leaders in the financial services industry. Paul serves on the board of Erie Neighborhood House. His commitment to giving back to the community also includes supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Norwegian American Hospital and the Teen Living Program in Chicago. Paul received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama and his Certified Funds Specialist designation from the Institute of Business and Finance. He is a Registered Investment Advisor and member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Paul resides in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood with his wife Jeanine and their two daughters. “Using a personalized approach, my intention is to educate, organize and empower my clients to make informed decisions based on their vision for the future”

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